“Humility is
not thinking less
of yourself, it's
thinking of
yourself less.”
Rick Warren

You’ve Got Game. Do Your Assets?

As a professional athlete, you have a unique talent for your game. But you know it takes a lot more than talent to stay on top of that game. Your hard work and dedication has paid off. And for your assets, the work is just beginning.

The hard truth is that the career span of the pro athlete is unlike that of other professionals. You may amass substantial wealth in a relatively short period of time. So, just as you need professionals to guide you to be your physical best, you also require experts to preserve and grow your wealth.

Pro:act Capital Management serves a limited number of clients offering lower overall fees, custom investment and planning solutions, an unparalleled commitment to charity, and the highest level of personal and professional service. A “one size fits all” approach is not in our mind set.

Getting started with Pro:act Capital Management is a simple process. In our first meeting we will:

  • Discuss your financial goals and objectives
  • Assess your cash flow needs
  • Develop a budget you can live with

With your financial “infrastructure” in place, we establish your long-range investment plan considering your goals and risk tolerance. Among the investments I recommend, depending on your situation, are:

  • Tax-free bonds to replace income in the event you are injured or retire
  • Professionally managed stock portfolios, accessing some of the best Institutional Portfolio Managers in the world for your long-term objectives
  • Tax-deferred annuities to supplement/secure your retirement

Additionally, with your public visibility as a pro athlete, there will be expectations of you for charitable contributions. We are one of the very few firms with a commitment to help our clients meet these expectations. Pro:act Capital Management will donate 15 percent of our fee to the charity of your choice in your name. We will also help you design and implement your own Planned Savings Program, and we offer turn key solutions to meet this need.

As this process progresses, we stay close and review your plan and goals constantly and make changes when necessary. Many firms promise this, but we can honestly deliver it because we are very selective about who we work with. We choose our clients carefully so we can dedicate ourselves to them 150 percent. We will work closely with your agent or other advisors so that you can focus on staying at the top of your game.


email: scott@proactcapital.com

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