“Diversification is a
protection against
ignorance, it serves
very little purpose
for those who know
what they are doing”
Warren Buffett


Maximize Your Portfolio's Performance

Many people have assets spread across numerous investment vehicles with no one monitoring the whole picture. Often they have 401ks at multiple former employers charging high administrative fees without managing the underlying investments which combine to really reduce returns.

Pro:act Capital Management, a registered investment advisor, is by law recognized as a fiduciary — your fiduciary — something the wirehouses (brokerage firms) cannot claim because they charge commissions on what they trade (often on their own products). We charge a flat fee based on your assets — usually about one percent charged quarterly. We don't have conflicts of interest as do wirehouses. Pro:act Capital Management is always fully transparent and aligned with our clients’ best interests.

Let’s look at an example of how Pro:act can better manage what you've worked hard to accrue. We’ll compare wirehouse management versus a fiduciary.


Wirehouse Management

Pro:act Capital Management

Initial 401K investment



Length of investment

20 years

20 years

Management method

Automated: Mutual fund or multiple separate accounts (managed alongside institutions with perpetual time horizons)

Individual account manager  investing across multiple vehicles (managing a handful of accounts)

Annual Interest Rate Return

6 percent

6 percent


2 percent

1 percent

30-year Return



As you can see, investing with a Fiduciary, like Pro:act Capital decreases management and fund fees resulting in 23 percent* more coming back to you.

*Results are for the purpose of illustration and not a promise of actual return.


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